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NRG - Offer a new way of learning


Firm offers new way of learning

A Rochdale Company is leading a virtual revolution in schools across the country.

NRG TELECOM Ltd has created new online software which offers schools an innovative way of learning.

The new technology offers pupils and staff a complete VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (VLE), where pupils can complete and email work to teachers from home.

They can chat to friends safely through a series of password-protection online rooms and read book or film reviews posted by other students.

Jonathan Brierley, from NRG Telecom, said that the software, which is being used by schools nationwide, "encourages homework and innovation from pupils".

He added " The VLE is intended as an aid to learning and a way to lighten the load for pupils and teachers"

The concept is not only fun for pupils but also environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of paper used in schools each day.

A display at the recent BETT show in London, the world's largest educational technology event, created enormous interest and the company is keen for local schools to take up the software and enter a virtual age.