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NRG  Telecom welcome the introduction of a subsidiary company

Total Building Facility Services 

In order to comply with the latest legislation and health and safety requirements, schools, public buildings and tenanted buildings must ensure that building services plant and equipment is serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

Failure to have the necessary servicing, testing and maintenance carried out, may affect insurance cover and ultimately the health and safety of all users of the premise. In some cases it may lead to personal prosecution.

TBFServices offers a wide range of Servicing Options to enable you to meet  legislative requirements and is continually reviewing and improving service quality.

As part of the ongoing services we offer we will :-

  • Keep and maintain correct records of all work undertaken.
  • Inform clients with sufficient notice of the renewal of their services.
  • Maintain close and regular contact with our clients.
  • Under take all work in accordance with best professional practice and bets value.


Total Business Facility Services - Linking Managed Services with Quality